Three decorative cutout panels were exhibited in the Womantide exhibiton, at the Riverfront Art Gallery, Yonkers, NY from March 7 - April 22, 2019.

For the 2016 River Arts Studio Tour a community installation was shown at Andrus on Hudson, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.  The residents displayed artwork created from a workshop that I taught on decorative design. I showed two large decorative cutout panels as part of this installation.

The Spring Installation was created at Andrus on Hudson for the 2015 River Arts Studio Tour. The theme of the work was based on a poem by former Hastings resident, Jean Pattison, Georgia O'Keefe, and the season of spring. The installation consisted of four decorative cutout panels with five monotypes of various flowers and a print of Jean Pattison's poem.


Barbara King Decorative Cutout Panel Installations Tyvek, cutout fabric
Decorative panels displayed in the Womantide exhibition , Riverfront Art Gallery, Yonkers, NY
Tyvek, cutout fabric
86" x 64"

Four photos of 3 cutout, decorative panels exhibited in the Womantide show at the Riverfront Art Gallery, The Riverfront Public Library, One Larkin Center, Yonkers, NY, March 7 - April 22, 2019.
Decorative Cutout Panel Installations